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We Offer Mobile Application Development (Android/IOS)

Advent of smartphones and mobile technology has indeed changed the digital landscape to the highest extent possible. So much so that companies want a seamless representation of themselves on the handheld device and at a click of a button. In comes mobile application development, which Root Technologies gives a lot of thrust to. With technical expertise and creative bent of mind, we provide flawless development of mobile applications both on Android & IOS.


Mobile Application

Type : Native Apps

IOS, Windows, Android


Mobile Application

Type : Hybrid apps

Xamarin, React Native, Ionic.


Mobile Application

Type : Web apps

Responsive Web Applications

Categories For Mobile Applications

We offer different categories of Mobile Application.

Business Applications

Billing, buying, booking, sending emails, tracking working progress & also usable for the productivity of business growth.

Educational Applications

Educational apps are useful for teachers as similarly – organizing a teaching process better, educating themselves, etc.

Lifestyle Applications

It covers many of common human activities and interests. From shopping, fitness and workout tracker to fashion & lifestyle.

Entertainment Applications

The apps that have a tendency to invoke a kind of dependency, they keep us engaged, logged in, always checking for updates.

Utilities Applications

Most hottest kinds of applications here are scanners, trackers, healthcare, aid manuals and therefore the similar kind of these apps.

Food & Drink Applications

This types of apps on their mobile phone because it is deemed easier than going everywhere, they will find for food & drinks.